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Bureau of Fire Prevention

The Bureau of Fire Prevention is responsible for enforcing of the NJ Uniform Fire Code including inspections on single and two family dwelling sales or change of occupancy. We also schedule fire prevention demonstrations, home safety inspections and smoke detector installations.

2015 NJ Fire Code

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Uniform Fire Code of New Jersey

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Instructions: If you agree then click "Agree", then click "Title 5", then click "Chapter 70 – Uniform Fire Code"
This is the actual legislation that we are required to enforce. The "Subchapter 3 - State Fire Prevention Code" is enforceable during all inspections. The "Subchapter 4 – Fire Safety Code" is an extra subchapter that is enforceable during inspections in buildings built before January 1st, 1977.

Home Safety and Free Smoke Detectors

We offer free smoke detectors and home safety inspections to all Harrison Township residents. Contact the office for more information or to schedule an appointment. 856-478-6832

Fire Prevention and Education

The Harrison Township Fire District performs fire prevention assemblies in Harrison Twp and Pleasant Valley Schools each year during Fire Prevention Week in October. When requested we will fire prevention instruction to any of our residents and merchants.

  • In classroom instruction
  • Public Assemblies
  • Commercial and residential evacuation and training
  • Tours of our fire stations
  • Fire apparatus demonstrations

Fire inspections are performed on every registered property (Annually) every 12 months.

Life Hazard Uses are inspected every 12 months at a minimum, some properties are required to be inspected quarterly.

The following enforcement codes are used during the inspection.

  • NJ Uniform Fire Code
  • 1993 BOCA Property Maintenance Code

Inspections are performed in all non-owner occupied and commercial properties. It is the property owners responsibility to register any property that is available for rent.

If there is a change in tenants in between property registrations please update the tenant information on a business registration form and fax to 856-478-4344.

Annual Registration Fees:

Annual Registration Fees for Non Life Hazard uses are set by Harrison Township Ordinance #31-2020 (Amended December 2020)

Life Hazard Use registrations are billed by the NJ State Department of Community Affairs.

Sale of Property/Change of Occupancy Inspections

A certificate of Smoke Alarm Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Portable Fire Extinguisher Compliance is required before any one or two family home changes occupancy.  For your convenience please download the CSACMAPFEC   Pre-Inspection Checklist (in FORMS) and use it to ensure that you will meet all requirements to successfully pass the required inspection to receive your certificate.

Certificate of Smoke Alarm Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Portable Fire Extinguisher Compliance (CSACMAPFEC):

  • Fees: $75 scheduled 11+ days before
  • $125 scheduled 5-10 days before
  • $180 scheduled less than 4 days before
  • $55 Re-inspection Fee

Applications and requirements for the sale of property inspections are available on this website, please look in FORMS


Type 1 Permits and Inspections are required for all use of:

  • Torches (roofing, painting etc.)
  • Tents (Party Tents, Sales Tents, etc.)
  • Food vendors for events in Harrison Township (Fairs, Parties, etc…)
  • Commercial cooking establishments

The permit fee is $54, an application can be downloaded from the FORMS file on this website

All fees must be paid in money order or check made payable to "Bureau of Fire Prevention"

Bureau of Fire Prevention 
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