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Capital Funds Approved

Friday, November 20, 2015  Thank You to all the residents who voted during the special election on November 18th. The utilization of our current Capital Funds was approved with a vote of 50 votes in favor of, and 12 votes against utilizing the funds requested. The Fire District appreciates the support from the residents and these Capital funds will be utilized during the 2016 budget year. 



District 23 responds to crash

Friday, November 20, 2015   District 23 responded to a crash on Mullica Hill road between Aura road and Richwood road. 2318 and 2328 responded to the crash and provided support to the BLS units. They also supported the tow company with clean up of the roadway. Click on the above heading for more information.



Capital Funds Special Election

Wednesday, November 18, 2015   


Dear Harrison Township Residents,

                  On Nov. 18th from 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm, the Harrison Twp. Fire District will be holding a special election at the Ewan Firehouse located at 312 Ewan Road, asking the voters to support spending Capital Funds on the following emergency equipment:                 

The purchase of new communication equipment to meet the requirements of the new County radio system going into effect prior to January 1st, 2016. This will include vehicle radios, portable radios, and pagers for our personnel.  

The purchase of 2 special service vehicles for the Fire Chief located at each fire station. These vehicles will be utilized for responding to emergencies and command functions during an emergency incident.   

The purchase of drive cameras and mobile data terminals for every emergency vehicle owned by the Fire District. The purpose for this equipment is to monitor the vehicles while in use and mapping technology to enhance response times and provide hydrant locations during fire responses. 

Personnel Pagers (30) = 10,530.00

Portable Radios (15) & Vehicle chargers (9) = 34,236.00

Vehicle radio headset upgrades = 12,582.00

Special service vehicles fully equipped (2) = 100,826.00

Drive cameras (10) = 3,500.00

Mobile data terminals, I-Pads (10) = 8,000.00

Total estimated cost = 169,674.00                   

These capital purchases, not to exceed 170,000.00 dollars, will not increase the current fire district tax rate. These capital funds currently exist within the Fire District budget; however, these funds require voter approval by way of a special election in order for the money to be utilized. The Fire District would like to Thank You in advance for your support with this special election and your continued support of our Firefighters as we continue to move forward with the best possible fire protection for our residents and our community.




All Hands Dwelling

Saturday, November 14, 2015 01:10  Station 23-1 responded to Woolwich Township for a dwelling fire around 0100 hours Saturday morning. Upon arrival of 2501, the dwelling had heavy fire on the delta side. The all hands and second alarm was requested. 2316, 2313, 2315, and 2323 responded to the assignment and remained in service for 3 hours. 



2 vehicle MVC

Sunday, September 20, 2015 12:29 The District was dispatched to a 2 vehicle crash at the intersection of Mullica Hill Rd & Stephen Sweeney Way. All occupants were upon our arrival, two were transported to the hospital by GCEMS. Crews applied oil dry to the highway and assisted the PD with traffic.



Wednesday, September 16, 2015   A commercial motor vehicle crash with entrapment sent one person to the hospital this morning. The crash occurred at the intersection of Mullica Hill Rd & Clems Run. Crews from rescues 2318 and 2328 stabilized the vehicle and using spreaders and cutters completed the extrication. Gloucester County BLS and Life Support 1 also responded. Good work by all. 



2318 is called to Logan Twp for double entrapment

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 09:00  Rescue 2318 was called to Rt. 322 in the area of Rt. 130 for a reported Commercial MVC with double entrapment. Upon arrival to the scene, the crew went into service supporting 2518 and 2118 with extricating a driver from each passenger vehicle. The driver of the commercial vehicle self extricated. All 3 patients were transported to Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

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2318 responds to NJTP for heavy entrapment

Friday, August 14, 2015 21:30  Rescue 2318 was called to the NJTP to support Station 25-1 with a commercial motor vehicle crash with entrapment. A pick up with one occupant was pinned beneath the rear of a tractor trailer heading north bound. Rescue 2318's crew supported the efforts of freeing the trapped driver. 2315 responded and handled the helicopter LZ assignment. Great job by all those on location to remove the patient in a timely matter. Station 25-1, 23-1, Salem County Station 2, Salem County BLS units, GCEMS, Inspira Paramedics, NJSP, Jeff Stat1 and Riehl's Towing Company.




Fire District Supports delivery of WTC Artifact

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 17:00  The Harmony and Ewan Fire Companies supported the delivery of a World Trade Center Artifact brought to Harrison Twp from JFK Airport were it was kept in hanger 17. The  piece of steel which is approximately 6 feet in length and weighing close to 2,000 pounds will be a solemn reminder of all those lost on that tragic day in our history. Thank You to our Township Committee for their efforts in obtaining a piece of history to be displayed in Harrison Township for our residents and visitors to visit. A final location of the artifact will be decided in the future. Thank You to all those who attend the welcoming ceremony and supporting this special occasion.  



Day starts with a crash and ends with a second one!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 06:00  Station 23-1 along with County BLS responded to 2 motor vehicle crashes. The first crash was a single vehicle crash into a utility pole with one minor injury. This crash was located at North Main Street and Wingate Road. 2318 stood by until the vehicle was removed from the roadway.

The second crash was a three vehicle crash located at North Main Street and Wolfert Station Road approximately 14 hours later. County BLS transported one minor injury from this crash as well. Rescue 2318 and 2313 provided lighting at the scene and traffic control. The station went available at 2200 hours.



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